Friday, January 8, 2016

#1 The Evil Forces of Middle-Earth

Many forces of evil live in the lands of Middle-Earth. Ranging from beasts to animals, corrupt hearts of men, and mutated Orcs. The Orcs are the main fighting force of Mordor, Sauron's corrupt land, the great dark lord of the void. Some beasts in Mordor are Trolls and Giant Spiders, the Trolls are more easy to control then the Spiders. Also known as The Webs, the Giant Spiders are spawn of a dark spirit named Ungoliant who was in the form of a spider. After the Silmarillion, Ungoliant was sent to the void and had many offspring before she was sent away. The offspring were giant, car sized spiders that mainly lived in Mirkwood and had the ability to speak. One named Shelob, lived in the mountains of Mordor. Shelob was special and did not have the ability to speak like the others. Shelob was not a friend to Sauron but still was not removed, he kept her there so she could keep out invaders trying to enter Mordor through the mountains.


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