Saturday, January 16, 2016

#2 The good forces of Middle-Earth

Although there are many evils that corrupt Middle-Earth, there is also some good in this world. There are 7 main races that consist of the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth, the Elves, Dwarves, Eagles, Ents, Hobbits, Huorns, and Men. The Elves and Dwarves were the first races to live on Middle-Earth, their creators had an argument over who should be the first race on this world. The Elves came first then soon after the Dwarves, the conflict of the creators made the two hate each other, so the two races therefore also hated each other. The Elves loved starlight and being in the woods, creating music and being the holders of knowledge, therefore being very wise. They were tall and had long hair, with ears pointed up at the top, and were great archers. The Dwarves were small, bearded and were very aggressive. They lived in the mountains of Middle-Earth and mined riches that the world has deep within the earth. They sculpt great cities inside the mountains and rarely come out but to trade and guard their homes. The Eagles are giant and very intelligent, they also play a roles in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. They are seen as their own race and not like animals, they are greatly respected by all races of the Free Peoples. Ents are giant tall trees that can learn to speak and walk, they play a big role in The Lord of the Rings along with the Huorns at The Battle of Helps Deep. Huorns are like Ents but do not have the ability to speak and can only move around. Hobbits are a peaceful race, small in size but very friendly. They tend to their own and don't want anything to do with the outside world, only a very few look for adventure outside the Shire. Hobbits love things that grow and have gardens outside their houses, and great fields of farmland. And finally the race of men, they have towns here and there around Middle-Earth but the majority of them are split into two realms, Gondor and Rohan. Gondor is a realm of green and closest to Mordor, the only thing standing between them is a River. Rohan is west of Gondor and has more of a rocky/grassy type of realm, they are also called "Horse Masters". They have many horses in that land and use them as a main fighting force. The Free Peoples have their differences and tend to themselves but in the time of war they will come together and unite to drive evil back to the void.

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