Thursday, January 21, 2016

#3 Numenor

Numenor is a great island in the western sea made by the Valar, creators or gods, and gave it to the Edain, also known as Atanatari or Fathers of Men. Numenor was the kingdom of the Dunedain, Men descended from Numenoreans, the first Men, located between Middle-Earth and Aman, home to the Valar. The Dunedain were led to it by the star of Earendil, a great seafaring Man who carries a star across the sky. At the center of the island there was the mountain Meneltarma, Pillar of the Heavens, which the Dunedain used as a temple to lluvatar, supreme deity of Arda, earth, and the single creater, above the Valar. The largest city and capital of Numenor was Armenelos, also known as Armenelos the Golden or City of the Kings. Numenor had two rivers, Siril, began at Meneltarma and ended at a delta near the city of Nindamos, chief settlement of the fishermen of Numenor, and the Nunduine, which reached the sea in the Bay of Eldanna, westernmost and largest bay on Numenor, near the haven Eldalonde, also known as Eldalonde the Green, a seaport on the western coast of Numenor. Elros son of Earendil was the first king of Numenor, those under his rule and of his descendants rose to become a powerful race. in the year SA 600 of the second age the first ships sailed from Numenor to Middle-Earth. After sailing away, the Valar made Numenor invisible for it was forbidden for Men to come upon the Undying Lands, a realm inhabited by Ainur, Holy ones, and Elves. Numenor was soon lost and those who were left after the great wars went east to Middle-Earth and formed Gondor and Rohan. Those who did not follow to those realms went into the wilderness and became the Dunedain, hunters in the northern forests and protectors of the Free peoples, who later helped in the fight of the War of the Ring.

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