Saturday, February 13, 2016

#6 Hobbits

Hobbits are a peaceful race, mostly living in western parts of Middle-Earth such as The Shire and Bree. Hobbits are half the size of  Men and Elves and are about the size of Dwarves. An average Hobbit lifespan is about 130 years, a 50 year old Hobbit would be regarded as middle-age. Hobbits were unadventurous, simple life of farming, eating and socializing. They are not so peaceful when their homes are in danger, they will come together and overcome the evil that endangers their land. Hobbits enjoy an average of 6 meals a day, they would eat foods such as cake, bread, meat, taters, ale and tea. Hobbits tend to give away gifts on birthdays, instead of receiving them, although this custom was not universally followed among other Hobbit cultures or communities. Some Hobbits live in "Hobbit-holes" or Smials, traditional underground homes found in hillsides, downs, and river banks. Like all Hobbit architecture, they are notable for their round doors and windows. Hobbits had a distinct calendar, every year started with a Saturday and ended on a Friday, with each of the twelve months consisting of thirty days. Some special days did not belong to any month, Yule 1 and 2, the Hobbits new years eve and day.

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