Saturday, February 20, 2016

#7 Dwarves

Dwarves, also known as Khazad, Naugrim, and Gonnhirrim, were made by Aule after being impatient for the creation of the Children of Lluvatar, or Elves. Aule made the first Seven Fathers of the Dwarves in a secret hall under the mountains of Middle-Earth to teach his lore and crafts to the world. Aule however made a deal with the Lluvatar, in order for his creations to live and be free upon Middle-Earth, the 7 Fathers must be in a slumber and wait until the Elves came to be. A century after the Elves awakened, the 7 Fathers awoke and split into 7 clans going on different paths with each an army of Dwarves. Of these 7, only one name is know, Durin I, who was also called deathless. Each of the fathers built a great hall in their mountain and each begun to build an underground city. There are 3 major holds that were built in the first age, Belegost and Nogrod in the Blue Mountains, the Dwarves of those holds formed and alliance with the Noldar and fought alongside them in their wars. Durin I wandered into a vale in the Misty Mountains named Azanulbizar. In a still pool only he could see his own reflection in the water while non others could. He saw a Crown with the 7 stars of the 7 Fathers, he soon after made home there and called the lake Kheled-zaram and build a giant great hall called, Khazad-dum. The other great halls of the First-Age were lost in time and never to be found again. The Dwarves were later given great rings of power and overtime were corrupt and destroyed by Sauron's will. The Dwarves mostly died off in the great battles of the Third-Age and few lived to see the Fourth-Age. Dwarves in time began to disappear and became myths, their great halls lost by time  and destruction of the great wars, leaving Middle-Earth to the race of Men.

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