Saturday, March 19, 2016

#10 Uruk Hai

While Orcs were the main fighting force, later the Uruk Hai were made. The Uruk Hai are as tall as an Elf, slanted eyes, thick legs and large hands. These Uruks were armed with yew wooden bows and broad-bladed swords. The Uruks were both in Mordor and Isengard, those in Isengard had different, almost stronger gear then the ones in Mordor. The Uruks were first made by Sauron in the late Third Age. There were more Orcs then there were in Mordor, but in Isengard Uruks made up 95% of the army, the rest were Dunlendings, Man enemies of Rohan. There are hybrids of Orcs and Men that make Half-Orcs, but the Uruk Hai are much stronger. The Uruk Hai are suggested to be hybrids of Half-Orcs and Goblins. The Uruks first came around in the year TA 2475 when Sauron used them in battle for the first time to take Ithilien in Gondor. The Uruks destroyed the city of Osgiliath under the symbol of the Red Eye of Sauron. The Uruks then later were mass produced in Isengard for Saruman to make an army to destroy Rohan. One of the great battles of Middle-Earth took place at Helms Deep, a fortress that Rohan would fall back to as a last stand, where Sarumans army would over run Helms Deep and almost destroy Rohan. Rohan had split forces in the region, one was at Helms Deep, the other was out in the wilderness. Just as the Uruks were about to break into the main hall of Helms Deep, the remaining soldiers inside the keep rode out on horses to meet the other army who had arrived just in time to save the keep. The Uruks were driven back to a forest east of Helms Deep that wasn't there before the battle. The forest was completely made of Ents who had traveled far to also help at Helms Deep. The Ents also had a split group, the others went to Isengard to finish Saruman once and for all. The Uruks in Mordor were all destroyed at the battle for Minas Tirith and when the One Ring was destroyed.

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