Saturday, April 9, 2016

#11 Men of Rhun

Rhun is a realm that is just east of Mordor. Rhun is also known as The East and Eastlands in Westron tongue, it is the home and kingdom of the Easterlings in the second and third ages. Rhun was mainly composed of tribes but all served Sauron in the land of Mordor. Rhun is a name used for all the lands east of Rhovanion. There is a body of water between Rhovanion and Rhun called The Great Sea of Rhun. None in Middle-Earth know what lies to the east, for even Gandalf the Wizard has not ventured that far east. Aragorn is the only one to ever venture there once but for an unknown reason. The geography shows another sea farther inland called Sea of Helcar, and beyond the Red Mountains called Orocarni. Rhun was the domain of the Easterlings, men of darkness who followed the dark lord Sauron willingly. During the Third Age, the two blue Wizards ventured east to the realm of Rhun, most likely to destroy the evil there during the great battle of Middle-Earth. The Men of Rhun were defeated by Gondor in the Fourth Age under the rule of King Elessar and Eldarion, his son. King Elessar made peace with the Men of Rhun and let them stay in their kingdom, for the dark lord was no more. 

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