Saturday, April 30, 2016

#13 Melkor

Melkor, later known predominantly as Morgoth, was the first Dark Lord and the primordial source of evil in Ea, the Universe. Melkor was created by Eru Iluvatar in the Timeless Halls, at the beginning of creation. Impatient with the emptiness of the Great Void outside the Timeless Halls and desiring to create things of his own, Melkor often went forth in to the Void in search of the Flame Imperishable. The Flame Imperishable is the Secret Fire of Arnor, made by the Ainur, a mysterious heavenly power in Arda. Originally the most powerful of the Ainur created by Eru Iluvatar, Melkor rebelled against his creator out of pride and sought to corrupt Arda. When the Valar entered into Arda and began to shape the new world, Melkor saw the Field of Arda and claimed it for his own. However, the other Valar took Manwe to be their lord. Manwe is Melkor's brother, not as powerful as Melkor himself but much more wise and full of knowledge. Bitter, Melkor set himself against the other Valar. Whenever the Valar worked to better the world Melkor disrupted their efforts. For a long while, Melkor fought alone against the might of the other Valar and Maiar of Arda, and he long held the upper hand. During this time, Arda was kept essentially shapeless, as Melkor ruined virtually every early work that the other Valar attempted to create. Fortunately for them, the mighty Valar Tulkas, a very strong and powerful being of the Vala, descended to Arda, and his strength tipped the balance in favor of the Valar. Melkor fled before him, and left Arda for a time. After Melkor left, Arda was created and born with life, marking the begining of the First Age. After committing many evils in the First Age, such as the theft of the Silmarils and the destruction of the Two Lamps, Melkor was defeated by the Host of Valinor in the War of the Wrath. Later Sauron took place or Melkor and became the next Dark Lord and made many attempts to take over Arda as Melkor did.

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