Saturday, February 27, 2016

#8 Elves

The Elves were the first and eldest of the Children of Lluvatar and are considered to be the fairest and wisest race of Arda given sapience by him. Elves do not physically age or are subject to illness, however they can be slain by violence or extreme negative emotion. The Firstborn, Elder Children of Lluvatar, were conceived by Eru alone in the third theme of Ainulindale, they are the oldest and noblest of speaking races of Middle-Earth. Elves are tall beings with long light colored hair, some have darker colored but most are lighter. At first elves sang with grace and merriment without speech but later developed speech and spoke with words. The Elves lived in the forests of Middle-Earth, eating no meats and only ate plants. The Old Forest and Fangorn were the only two that Elves weren't found in. Rivendell and Lothlorien were both mentioned and visited in The Lord of the Rings, Mirkwood, or Greenwood the Great, before it was corrupt, was also mentioned and visited in The Hobbit. These three locations were the three main houses of Elves. Elves tended to stay in the northern parts of Middle-Earth unless war called them elsewhere. After the War of the Ring, Elves left Middle-Earth to the race of Men and went to the Grey Havens, a passage way to the Undying lands, heaven pretty much. Most Elves left Middle-Earth but some stayed at the Grey Havens, no history shows how long they were there in the fourth age but most believe the rest died of grief or sailed to the Undying lands themselves. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

#7 Dwarves

Dwarves, also known as Khazad, Naugrim, and Gonnhirrim, were made by Aule after being impatient for the creation of the Children of Lluvatar, or Elves. Aule made the first Seven Fathers of the Dwarves in a secret hall under the mountains of Middle-Earth to teach his lore and crafts to the world. Aule however made a deal with the Lluvatar, in order for his creations to live and be free upon Middle-Earth, the 7 Fathers must be in a slumber and wait until the Elves came to be. A century after the Elves awakened, the 7 Fathers awoke and split into 7 clans going on different paths with each an army of Dwarves. Of these 7, only one name is know, Durin I, who was also called deathless. Each of the fathers built a great hall in their mountain and each begun to build an underground city. There are 3 major holds that were built in the first age, Belegost and Nogrod in the Blue Mountains, the Dwarves of those holds formed and alliance with the Noldar and fought alongside them in their wars. Durin I wandered into a vale in the Misty Mountains named Azanulbizar. In a still pool only he could see his own reflection in the water while non others could. He saw a Crown with the 7 stars of the 7 Fathers, he soon after made home there and called the lake Kheled-zaram and build a giant great hall called, Khazad-dum. The other great halls of the First-Age were lost in time and never to be found again. The Dwarves were later given great rings of power and overtime were corrupt and destroyed by Sauron's will. The Dwarves mostly died off in the great battles of the Third-Age and few lived to see the Fourth-Age. Dwarves in time began to disappear and became myths, their great halls lost by time  and destruction of the great wars, leaving Middle-Earth to the race of Men.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

#6 Hobbits

Hobbits are a peaceful race, mostly living in western parts of Middle-Earth such as The Shire and Bree. Hobbits are half the size of  Men and Elves and are about the size of Dwarves. An average Hobbit lifespan is about 130 years, a 50 year old Hobbit would be regarded as middle-age. Hobbits were unadventurous, simple life of farming, eating and socializing. They are not so peaceful when their homes are in danger, they will come together and overcome the evil that endangers their land. Hobbits enjoy an average of 6 meals a day, they would eat foods such as cake, bread, meat, taters, ale and tea. Hobbits tend to give away gifts on birthdays, instead of receiving them, although this custom was not universally followed among other Hobbit cultures or communities. Some Hobbits live in "Hobbit-holes" or Smials, traditional underground homes found in hillsides, downs, and river banks. Like all Hobbit architecture, they are notable for their round doors and windows. Hobbits had a distinct calendar, every year started with a Saturday and ended on a Friday, with each of the twelve months consisting of thirty days. Some special days did not belong to any month, Yule 1 and 2, the Hobbits new years eve and day.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

#5 Gondor

Gondor is located east of Rohan and just west of Mordor. Gondor is described at the greatest realm of Men in the west of Middle-Earth by the end of the third age. Gondor was founded by Isildur and Anarion, exiles from the downfall of Numenor. Along with Arnor in the north, Gondor served as a last stronghold of the Men of the West. Gondor gradually declined growth in the Third Age as there was internal strife and conflict with the forces of Sauron. After Sauron's defeat and the crowning of Aragorn Gondor was restored to its former glory and became the greatest city of men. Before Gondor was founded it was colonized by many Numenoreans in the Second Age. After the two sons, Isildur and Anarion, landed after the downfall of Numenor they were welcomed by the colonists and lordship was accepted. Sauron wanted to try and kill off the colonists before they gained power and became Gondor. He launched an assault on Osgiliath, a city along the river separating Gondor and Mordor, but failed as Anarion was able to hold off the attack. Soon after the Men and Elves formed an alliance and went to Mordor to fight off Sauron and destroy him once and for all. After the battle was won Isildur killed Sauron and had the One Ring, all he had to do now was destroy it. By the time he got to Mount Doom Sauron's spirit was still in the ring and corrupt Isildur's mind and stopped him from destroying the ring. Soon after leaving Mordor returning to Gondor, Isildur was shot by Orcs trying to get the ring back but it had fallen into the River and was never seen again. Until one Hobbit was fishing in that very River and got pulled in and found a golden ring in the sand.